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Lance Bass has a great! ChestMama Mia, Lance Bass’ Chest and SNL


Ok – I realize it is Election Day in America and I am on pins and needles waiting for the day to end so we can see how VA and PA have voted.  But… I am totally obsessing over some pop culture stuff right now and need to get it off my chest – so to speak.

I confess, I don't know the lyrics to Mama Mia

First things first.  I have organized a mom’s nite out with some friends.  We are going to see Mama Mia at the dollar theater (which isn’t really a dollar anymore).  And it dawned on me – I don’t actually know the lyrics to Mama Mia.  I know the tune, but not the lyrics.  And, given it is ABBA, I feel like I should know those lyrics.  But all I know are “Mama Mia.  Da da da da da da. Mama Mia.  I don’t know these lyrics.”  Pretty pathetic.  Hopefully, the deficiencies in my ABBA knowledge will be rectified after seeing the film.  In the meantime, don’t take away my geek chick credentials.

Lance Bass is super hot2nd.  Lance Bass is hot!  And, he is gay – I think.  But I didn’t realize he was so hot until the team cha cha performance last night on Dancing with the Stars.  The gals on the team ripped open the men’s shirts and I found that I couldn’t take my eyes off of Lance’s chest – which is odd since I normally find that sort of showmanship pretty silly.  Trust me – I have been to a Chippendales performance and laughed the entire night.  It isn’t just the pretentious nature of baring the chest – it is the average woman’s reaction to a bare chest that gets me lauging. Same thing happened at an Adam Ant concert when he took off his shirt and jumped into a clear vat of water and the girls next to me went nuts.  It was totally unnecessary to the musical performance and designed only to get a reaction from the ladies in the audience.  It worked obviously, but I still thought it was pretty silly.  

Yet, despite my normal laughing reaction to bare chested male performers there I was last night, riveted to Lance’s bare chest.  Couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  It was so awesome. I guess he danced well too, but I couldn’t tell you as I didn’t see the dance, his chest had me that mesmerized.

I have been trying to figure out what it was about his chest that had me so enamored.  It wasn’t the fake tan.  I think it was that it was a normal man’s chest.  He was fit, but not skinny or ripped (like Brody or the pro).  He is clearly strong, but with a small layer of subcutaneous fat so he didn’t come off as totally ripped, though it was clear he is very fit.  All I could think was “that is what a mans chest is supposed to look like.”  Yeah baby! 

He seems a little shy and insecure, but if he ever decided to dance bare chested at a gay bar he would so have his pick of guys.  And yes, I have been to my fair share of gay bars including the pleasure dome in San Francisco and there are way too many gay guys who go bare chested in those bars who shouldn’t.  Lance would stand out as one who should. Lance should totally live with his shirt off as far as I am concerned.  I want to see more of that.  

For me, my awakening to the wonder of Lance Bass’ chest was kind of like at the end of Hard Target when Jean-Claude Van Damme finally takes off his shirt and I realized I could have been watching that fabulous male physique all this time and the movie would have been so much better if he had been bare chested the entire movie!  Ok – so yeah.  I did say that most of the time men baring their chests just seems pretentious to me.  But every once in a while you get to see a real chest that the guy isn’t trying to make look good, it just is.  This was one of those moments and I despite my cold hard exterior, I apparently turn to mush when that happens.

On to Saturday Night Live’s parody of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown.  It was hysterical.  I loved it.  Didn’t see it until this morning as a clip – but they so nailed him. And I love watching Keith, but lets face it.  Lately he has become a bit of a prima donna barring a regular commentor because he published an op-ed that Keith didn’t like about Obama.  That is the sort of thing O’Reilly does.  And they so nailed him for that.   And, they got his righteous indignation down pat.  It was funny.

Ok, need to get back to taking care of my boy who is in the middle of potty training.  Keep your fingers crossed tonight that tomorrow we will be talking about President elect Obama!

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