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Uncle Sam Can't Believe it!Politics

Essays, commentaries, suggestions, on issues affecting Americans and what just plain annoys me. My grandfather Shaw wrote a political column for a paper back in IL, so I guess this runs in the family.

Politics do matter. To everyone. If we want to live in a compassionate and just society, we need to elect politicians that will represent the people and not special interests. Pay attention to what they do, not what they say.

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Item Title Hits
Dealing with the Trump Bully 3889
Resist Fear Mongering 4819
Pill Mills & Addiction - we need a different approach 4844
What does rational Gun Control Look Like? 4275
Punitive vs. Supportive Government 3083
Bernie Sanders' Humanism 2673
Humanistic Policing 3626
Humanist Economics 3644
How critical are you of the news? 2800
We need to elect better politicians 2659
Freethought and Free Speech 2760
Black Privilege/White Privilege? 7512
What is it like raising a gifted kid? 2352
Race Violence & Humanism 2623
Failed states are a danger to us all 2598
Free Market Follies 3317
Humanism in politics 2715
Silence is betrayal 2916
We need to raise the minimum wage 3141
The stupidity of Standardized Testing 2931
Corporations vs. The People 2694
Advice for Israel 2870
Humanist Cultural Change 2888
Yelling, Screaming Tantrums 3226
Why Social Capital is Important 3172
Humanism, Human Rights and Islam 3337
Does Humanism Need Defending 3083
What should we do about Syria? 2828
Traitor or Hero 3411
Nationalism is always a problem 3116
The impact of blasphemy laws 3267
Political Religion 3033
Wars are all about bullying 3324
Getting Rid of Strawmen arguments 3193
Responsibilities of a Citizen 3320
They are Projecting 3520
GOD and the GOP 3282
Thinking about Romney's Tax Returns 3113
Fast and Furious - Let me Get this Straight 3507
Religion, politics and puppets 3650
Mitt Romney and Bullying 3410
Why Santorum's Religion Matters 4731
Women's Health Care and Religion 3570
GOP Candidate Round Up 3633
Humanizing Religion 15246
The Republican Evolution Problem 3540
Freedom of Belief 3412
Should Circumcision be Illegal? 3586
Meditating on the National Day of Prayer 3239
Tea Party Idiots 3469
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  • Podcast  ( 169 items )

    Sumogirl's PodcastThought of the Week Podcast

    Humanist Inspiration to live a better life.

    Each show about 1 minute long.

  • Pop Culture  ( 105 items )

    Pop Culture DivaPop Culture

    Ok - I am a pop culture junkie. I love Duran Duran - still, I watch reality tv (not all of them - I do have some standards), and I get excited every time there is a new muppet movie coming out. My family wonders why I enjoy lowbrow entertainment, but have come to accept it. Anyway - enjoy..

    This section contains my thoughts and opinions and speculations about the things I like and don't like about pop culture.

  • Humanism  ( 129 items )

    The Happy Human for HumanismHumanism

    Jennifer Hancock is a Humanist activist. In fact, she worked professionally for a Humanist organization from 2001 until 2007. She joined the Humanist movement back in 1994. So, she has a lot to say on the subject.

    Collected here are her writings on the subject of Humanism, religion and morality.

  • My Advice  ( 109 items )

    Billy GrahamMy Advice

    Billy Graham is a well-known Christian Evangelist who publishes a syndicated advice column in papers around the country.  For whatever reason, I read his column and am constantly struck at how bad I think his advice is.  Perhaps it is because I am a Humanist.  But boy, is he off the mark.

    Sometimes I think the same thing about Dear Abby and others. The obvious question then is how would I answer these questions if I were running an advice column.  What would a Humanist advise. So here is my advice.”

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