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The Happy Human for HumanismHumanism

Jennifer Hancock is a Humanist activist. In fact, she worked professionally for a Humanist organization from 2001 until 2007. She joined the Humanist movement back in 1994. So, she has a lot to say on the subject.

Collected here are her writings on the subject of Humanism, religion and morality.

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Item Title Hits
Independence of Mind Isn't Enough 4586
Black Lives Matter - Again 3325
Books you should read 2500
Are you a good person? 2455
There is a better way 2344
11 Principles of Humanist Ethics 2457
Where do Humanists go on Pilgrimage 2151
Meditation as a Humanist Practice 2298
How do Humans and Humanists use “sacred” texts? 2283
Explaining Humanism 2227
Questions for God 2225
Humanist Pilgrimage 2114
Humanist Texts 2422
Main Elements of Humanism 2441
Atheism isn't enough 2964
Freethought Day 2663
Humanism vs. Supernaturalism 2490
The Need for Philosophic Counseling 2459
Why Humanists Needs Community 2444
Are you a lifelong learner? 2519
What Humanists should be talking about 2735
What is the difference? 2913
Humanizing Business 2776
Is the Humanist Brand Dying? 2755
Altruism for the Rich? 2314
Existentialism and Humanism 2586
Humanism vs. Dogma 2714
Will We Grow Out of It? 2469
On Humanism 2629
Libertarianism and Humanism 3116
Humanist groups need to do more 2699
Humanism, the Problem of Evil, and other Religious Baggage 2689
Humanism vs. Determinism 3164
How off course has the Humanist movement gotten? 2938
What we say matters 2705
I have a dream 3239
Antagonist vs. Accomodationist 3214
What is Education? 3055
Happiness and Wellbeing at Work 2778
Humanist Revolution in Business 3080
Philosophy & Psychology 3062
Confucianism, Humanism and Equal Rights 2732
There are no good reasons for your ethics 3261
Accepting Your Existence 2978
The 4 Cs of Humanism - Defining Humanism 3311
Humanism and Supernaturalism 2888
Why I do Humanist Outreach 3262
Humanism and Resiliency 3325
Learning from mistakes 3726
Where were Humanists after Newtown? 2937
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