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Pop Culture DivaPop Culture

Ok - I am a pop culture junkie. I love Duran Duran - still, I watch reality tv (not all of them - I do have some standards), and I get excited every time there is a new muppet movie coming out. My family wonders why I enjoy lowbrow entertainment, but have come to accept it. Anyway - enjoy..

This section contains my thoughts and opinions and speculations about the things I like and don't like about pop culture.

Nascar Daytona Fiery Finish PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

upside down at DaytonaJaw Dropping Moment


My hubby and I were in the Keys once at a diner near a bridge where a boat race was going on.  An old man at the table next to us was waxing poetic about how if you weren’t upside down and on fire you weren’t going fast enough.  Imagine my surprise yesterday when someone finished the Daytona 500 upside and on fire.

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Beauty and the Geek PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Cece is an Anna Nicole wannabe.


Ok – I admit it, I am a Beauty and the Geek fan.  And no, I haven’t yet watched the finale.  I have it taped, but my husband doesn’t want to watch it, so I can only watch it when he isn’t home, and well, I haven’t had the time during the day because I work and watch my boy.

Regardless, Cece is an Anna Nicole wannabe, and if she doesn’t wise up, she will probably end up like Anna Nicole.

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Did you Save Room for Desert PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

The “Did you Save Room for Desert” Diet


In the past year, I have lost around 12 pounds.  Basically, the baby weight I gained with my son.  I still need to loose the 10 ish pounds I gained during my first pregnancy.  And, if I keep at it, like I am, I should be there in the next year.  So, what is my strategy?  As the old maxim goes, in all things moderation.

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The Affair PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

The Affair


Valentines Day at my house included pizza from Gio’s (rustica pizza), and a sappy romantic movie.  We watched “the Affair”, which is the movie that “An Affair to Remember” is a remake of.  It was quite good, and the two movies have the same writer/director and the dialogue didn’t change much between movies.

We loved it and cried at the end, but, here my observations and my husband agrees with me on this.  We liked the format and layout of the 2nd movie better.  The first one didn’t do as good a job exposition of the characters, their dilemmas and their trials.  I think the main reason we were emotional at the end is because we know that from “An Affair to Remember.”

We loved the male lead though. He was excellent.  Irene Dunn played Terri McKay, she was ok, but lacked the emotional depth of Deborah Kerr.  Ms. Kerr really could just show an amazing amount of emotion based a look.  Irene Dunn just didn’t lack that depth.

On the other hand, Charles Boyer, who played Michel was very for exactly that reason.  Cary Grant is suave, but he couldn’t convey deep emotions with just a look.  Mr. Boyer could.  The woman who played the grandmother in “The Affair” was incredible.  She had Gary Cooper’s ability to show an amazing range of human emotions with just a change in her face.  When she is playing the piano and the boat horn sounds, the change of look on her face was heartbreaking.

So, what we would have loved to see is “An Affair to Remember”starring Deborah Kerr, Charles Boyer and Ms. Oustrakaya.  That would have been an amazing movie!

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Guilty as Charged PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Guilty as Charged

Jan 24 2007

Christopher Hitchens eloquently points out that neighbors of criminals who are committing their crimes in the house next door are guilty of being stupid, but not necessarily cowardly as he claims.  I know this from personal experience.  We live next door to a house that was home to drug dealers.  And not just any drug dealers – these folks had 13 million dollars worth of cocaine in their house.  This was the biggest drug bust in our counties history.  And they were literally our next-door neighbors.  And yes, my husband and I were the folk quoted by our local paper with the famous “they seemed like nice folk to us” statement, and “nope, didn’t notice a thing.”  But we aren’t cowards, or stupid, we just didn’t handle things as well as we should have.

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So Long Andy Taylor PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Ugly Andy TaylorSo Long Andy

Jan 24 2007

Ok – I realize this is a bit late, but hey, I only just read about this in my Grammy magazine – and yes, I am a voting member of the recording association.  Regardless of that - hurray!  Andy Taylor was kicked out of Duran Duran this past Oct 2006.  Apparently, the other 4 (Nick, Simon, John and Roger) couldn’t work with him anymore.  Duh!  The guy is a so-so guitarist with an ego so huge it wouldn’t fit in a concert hall.

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Red Tailed Hawk Finds Mate PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Love Birds


We have a red tailed hawk that visits our backyard occasionally.  Good lucking bird.  Last time I saw it, it was eating a squirrel in a tree in our yard - had a bit of a problem with one of the bones, but finally got it down. Anyway - the bird now has a mate.  I saw it yesterday swoop into my yard to pick something up, and it flew to my neighbors tree, and there it landed right next to another red tailed hawk.  Wow!  So, we have a pair of love birds.  I have no idea where they are nesting, but it is really cool.

'On a slightly related outdoors/backyard topic, my boy, who is almost 16 months old got hold of a frog on the patio and it slipped right from his hands.  It was his first live frog experience.  He had had a dead desicated frog experience back when he was still under 1 years old.  He found a dried up frog on our lanai and immediately put it in his mouth.  I am very glad his dad was watching him because I would not have had the presence of mind to get it away from him.

Anyway, we are so proud of our boy for catching his first frog and for the red tailed hawk for finding a mate.

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Santa Takes a Holiday PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Santa Takes a Holiday 

Dec 27th 2006  

Yesterday, while my hubby and I were out and about, we decided to take the boy to Sonny’s BBQ for lunch.  My hubby really likes BBQ, I just like food.  Anyway, there we are, standing in line, waiting to be seated, when in walks Santa.  We don’t notice at first, until the folks standing behind us start talking to him.

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