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Jennifer Hancock "sounds like a female Andy Rooney!" - Gin Kohl Lieberman, PhD

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Pop Culture DivaPop Culture

Ok - I am a pop culture junkie. I love Duran Duran - still, I watch reality tv (not all of them - I do have some standards), and I get excited every time there is a new muppet movie coming out. My family wonders why I enjoy lowbrow entertainment, but have come to accept it. Anyway - enjoy..

This section contains my thoughts and opinions and speculations about the things I like and don't like about pop culture.

Survivor Ethics PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Sugar pulled off a really cool blindsideI love Survivor when the Good Guys win!


Ok – so I used to be addicted to survivor, but recently can only seem to get interested at the halfway point.  That means I have only been watching the current season in Gabon for a few weeks now.  I love it.  Especially this week’s blindside.  You see, I love it when the good guys finally get together and decide – this time, someone who deserves to win is going to win and we don’t care which one of us that is.  And kudos to Sugar for pulling this blindside off.  It was a thing of beauty to watch.   Now, I don’t think Crystal or Kenny are actually evil - but they have been cocky, rude and mean and unrepentant liars. So it was really cool when Sugar decided that someone who is being mean when they don’t have to just doesn’t deserve the million dollars. So Sugar engineered herself a blindside.  I LOVE IT!  The only other time this happened was when the middle-aged woman from TN won.  Go Bob and Sugar (not too sure about Matty or Susie).

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Naked Sumo Wrestlers PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

sumo rikishi wear very little in the way of clothingThose Men are Naked!


So my son has been asking me questions about what sumo wrestling is.  I have several sumo t-shirts as I am a fan (obviously) so he was curious.  I had a friend of mine send me a DVD of the 14th day of the July 2007 tournament.   And, we watched a few bouts before going to bed tonight.  He loved it!  The first thing he shouted was – “those men are naked!”  They aren’t (they do wear mawashi).  Because he is three, he wanted to wrestle like he saw the rikishi do. So, we did a little play wrestling on the bed.  Just like sumo, you put your fists on the ground and then on the count of three, wrestle.  When you are done wrestling you have to bow and thank your partner for wrestling with you. These bits are important because he is only three and I now need to worry about whether he will try out his new found sumo skills on the other kids in day care at the gym tomorrow.  Oh – and it turns out that Musashimaru is now Oyakata Furiwake (Oyakata is a sumo coach or stable master) of Musashigawa stable.  Pretty cool.

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Dr Who is Brilliant PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Dr Who does the Titanic - sort ofBrilliant!


As the good doctor would say – Brilliant!  Just watched the season opener for Dr Who on BBC America – and yes – I love my DVR.  Anyway – they did a Dr Who meets Poseidon Adventure (the original movie) meets the Titanic.  It was brilliant!  It will be interesting to see who becomes his new assistant.  The promising young pretty girl in this episode died – sort of.  It is probably more accurate to say she became some blue sparkly floaty stuff flying around space.  We could see more off her, but then again, probably not.

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Mama Mia - Lance has a chest PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Lance Bass has a great! ChestMama Mia, Lance Bass’ Chest and SNL


Ok – I realize it is Election Day in America and I am on pins and needles waiting for the day to end so we can see how VA and PA have voted.  But… I am totally obsessing over some pop culture stuff right now and need to get it off my chest – so to speak.

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Swing and Ferb PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

West Coast Swing Rocks!West Coast Swing

and Best Show on Disney


Ok, so I watch dancing with the stars, and this week, they added some club dances to the mix, and had 2 stars each do the west coast swing, the hustle, the salsa and the jitterbug.  The pros had problems because these aren’t dances they normally teach because by definition, they are club dances, not choreographed dances. I had problems because I hate to see club dances ruined through choreography.

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Kung Fu and Flying Roosters PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Shaolin Soccer is funnyKung Fu and Flying Roosters


I know it has been a while and that I have been writing mostly political blogs, but seriously, there is more to Sumogirl then just politics.  So, here is a little round up of what is happening in the rest of my world.  Kung Fu!

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Tristram Shandy PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Tristram Shandy is a great movieA Comedy for Intellectuals


Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story is to Tristram Shandy what Adaptation is to The Orchid Thief.   It is quite funny but probably only if you are an intellectual or an artist of some sort.  If you have read Tristram Shandy, this movie has lots of jokes in it only you will get.

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Cool Movies PDF Print E-mail
Pop Culture

Lego Millinenium FalconCool Movies


You have to like Star Wars and Legos to really like these films.  My son does, so they are pretty cool.  And, they have just added a couple of films for the new toys.  The first film is Revenge of the Brick – and it is brilliant.  The 2nd is the Han Solo Affair – which is really funny – but not as brilliant as Revenge.
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